Slit Fence Outlets

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CRAFTS Slit Fence Outlets

CRAFSTM provides a viable solution for the problems often encountered by conventional sediment control systems. The CRAFSTM process cre- ated a corrugated structure consisting of upstream and downstream vertices and the “retention, ltration, and seepage medium” (RFSM) that connect these vertices.

The CRAFSTM device provides signi cantly more length and surface area of the retention, ltration, and seepage medium compared to a tradi- tional silt fence system, while spanning the same flow path.

CRAFSTM is best used for Silt Fence Outlets and in conjunction with the conventional systems to deal with critical areas that exceed the standard silt fence performance capabilities. These critical areas include (but are not limited to): concen-trated runoff in roadside drainage channels and runoff ditches, at the base of steep slopes, at curb or drop inlet structures, and at the inflow and outflow of containment systems.


  • Larger surface area
  • No blunt impact or stormwater
  • Faster filter rate
  • Easy installation
  • No stone required

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