ForceBreak Emulsion Breaker

An emulsion breaker based on polyoxyalkylene glycol and amine based polyol.

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ForceBreak Premier Emulsion Breaker Technology

ERO CHEM’s ForceBreak is an emulsion breaker based on polyoxyalkylene glycol and amine based polyol. It is a diverse demulsifier that works in a variety of conditions including salt water and heavy brine environments. ForceBreak works quickly at the point of contact to separate oil and water emulsions allow production to safely continue. Out performs competing brands of demulsifiers with both lower consumption and effectiveness. We have a wide portfolio of crude oil emulsion breaker formulations at our disposal and can even develop custom formulations for larger orders. ForceBreak was created by some of the leading minds in the industry who have pioneered demulsifiers that have been in use for decades, many of which are still in use to this day. Our formulations are significantly more effective than straight Xylene resulting in faster, more efficient remediation with substantially lower use rates all the while offering a more compatible chemistry with other downhole chemicals.

Crude Oil Demulsifier Emulsion Treatment:

  • Separates water in oil in crude oil production.
  • Removes corrosive saline prior to crude oil refinement.
  • Demulsifier for Water in Oil Emulsion Treatment.
  • ForceBreak reacts quickly through oil to separate water droplets to counter the emulsifying agents.
  • Acts as an emulsion flocculant by gathering water droplets together to separate water from oil.
  • Increases oil flow and production.

Effective Treatment For Emulsion issues caused by:

  • Extremely Fine solids
  • Asphaltenes and Paraffin wax build up
  • Temperature issues
  • Water droplets of varying sizes
  • Irregular pH levels
  • Salt Water/Brine composition
  • Injects directly into the emulsion
  • Mixes thoroughly with emulsions and moves to all the protective films surrounding all the dispersed droplets
  • Displaces and cancels the effects of the emulsifying agent at the point of contact
  • Exhibits a strong attraction to the oil and water interface

Emulsion Breaker Chemistry:

  • Petroleum Naphtha 400 ppm 400 ppm 400 ppm 2 – 5%
  • Mixed Xylenes (o-, p-, m-) 100 ppm 150 ppm 100 ppm 2 – 5%
  • Polyoxyalkylene Glycol NE NE NE 3 – 7%
  • Amine Based Polyol NE NE NE 7 – 10%
  • Confidential Proprietary Ingredients NE NE NE 10 – 15%
  • Petroleum Solvent NE NE NE 50 – 70%

For optimal results, chemically inject into the emulsion so that ForceBreak is evenly distributed in affected area so that the treated emulsion in heated, coalesced and settles within the treated system. Should be injected via a stream so that the chemical volume is directly proportional to the volume of the emulsion being treated.

ForceBreak is a production chemical. If you are looking for an emulsion breaker soap product to treat any caked on surface mud, grease and oil, please look at ForceSolve Frac Tank Cleaner.

Alternatively, for tank bottom treatment, inquire about ForceBreak TB-760 Demulsifier.

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