HydraForce Hydrate Inhibitor

HydraForce kinetic hydrate inhibitor is a proprietary polymer infused blend. Provides line freezing prevention chemistry and is field ready.

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HydraForce low dose Kinetic hydrate inhibitor (LDHI) utilizes bleeding edge line freezing prevention chemistry and is field ready. HydraForce kinetic hydrate inhibitor is a proprietary polymer infused blend.  HydraForce controls hydrates and reduces the associated issues brought about by hydrates in various production systems. These issues include blockages and plugs that occur in the line due to the formation of clathrate hydrates.

HydraForce dosage rates vary but should be used in the fluid in ratios of .2% to .6% of fluid or mud weight.  This is a vastly superior application ratio compared to typical thermodynamically based hydrate inhibitor products which have application ranges of 10% all the way to 50% of fluid weight. This superior application ratio results in significant cost savings, especially when freight and storage costs are factored in. If the treated fluid is in a static environment, such as a scenario that involves a packer fluid corrosion inhibitor, kinetic inhibitors such as HydraForce will be less efficient in preventing hydrates from forming over a period of time, making a thermodynamic inhibitor a more practical choice (please contact us in this scenario and our engineers will formulate a product that best fits your particular job site needs).

HydraForce outperforms popular competing brands of polymer kinetic hydrate inhibitors with substantially lower consumption rates. In one case study, one 275 gallon tote of HydraForce replaced four 275 gallon totes of the leading polymer hydrate inhibitor.


  • Substantially lower usage ratios
  • Lower freight and storage cost versus thermodynamic hydrate inhibitor products
  • Lower footprint where space is a concern
  • Keeps lines clear of clathrate hydrates
  • Aids in pipeline flow assurance
  • Drastically lower consumption versus competing brands
  • Boiling point over 160 degrees F
  • Superior cooling and longevity vs. leading competing brands
  • For more information or to order, please contact us.