• ForceClean – MSDS
    ForceClean is a high performance, biodegradable, multi-purpose, cleaner and degreaser designed to remove the toughest oilfield, industrial, and institutional debris and grime. It is what our ForceSolve Frac tank cleaner is based on.
  • ForceHib Corrosion & ScaleMSDS
    ForceHib will effectively treat 99% of scale and corrosion issues in a variety of associated areas, making it one of, if not the most versatile solution in the industry to date. Utilizing advanced technology, ForceHib is setting a new standard, acting as an industry leading corrosion inhibitor and scale inhibitor solution set with superior results and application rates versus competing products.
  • ParaForce 2033 – MSDS
    Finally, a product that solves the problem that plagues many shales, which is hardened paraffin wax build up in frac tanks and various other oilfield applications. Paraforce is a speciality chemical formulation that acts as an inhibitor, dispersant and solvent for various equipment and drilling applications. Paraforce is more effective than using xylene to control build up.
  • HydraForce Hydrate Inhibitor – MSDS
    HydraForce outperforms popular competing brands of polymer kinetic hydrate inhibitors with substantially lower consumption rates.  HydraForce utilizes line freezing prevention chemistry and is field ready. HydraForce kinetic hydrate inhibitor is a proprietary polymer infused blend.  HydraForce controls hydrates and reduces the associated issues brought about by hydrates in various production systems.


We also provide a line of cleaners, completion materials, drilling lubricants, and production chemicals.

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