ForcePenadrill – Cement Lubricant

The EcoSafe “Cement Buster” Drilling Lubricant will allow drilling at record speeds.

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ForcePenadrill – The  EcoSafe “Cement Buster” Drilling Lubricant will allow drilling at record speeds by keeping your drill bit clean and prevent bit balling due to cement debris and mud while still allowing it’s lubricating properties to aid in drilling.

Key features of ForcePenadrill in Cement Plug Drilling Applications:

  • ForcePenadrill complex lubricant designed specifically to speed up drilling in high compression strength cement plugs.
  • Built on the backbone of our ForceFree lubricant and ForceGlide friction reducer.
  • Lubricates at the point of  the drill bit to cement contact.
  • Lowers surface tension at the interfacial point of force developed between the drill bit and the specialty cement.
  • Controls capillary forces with optimum penetration by allowing lubrication surface active agents and lubricant oils to concur on the substrate.
  • Functions differently as compared to our other highly acclaimed Force Chem Technologies lubricants,  ForceFree lubricant and ForceGlide friction reducer, that utilize the capillary forces of repulsion to lower the entropic repulsion forces that enable the establishment of a long-range attractive lubrication regime across the complete project. Instead, ForcePenadrill uses unique surfactant molecules diffuse through the oil in water emulsion to become absorbed by the substrate to lower the surface potential.
  • At these shorter interaction times, of relevance to tribology, oil capillary junctions and islands of the absorbed surfactants coexist on the substrate.
  • ForcePenadrill will work well in any drilling operation and improve penetration speeds and reduce bit wear.
  • Ideally suited for problematic, highly compressed cement plugs that are normally extremely difficult and require unique lubrication qualities.
  • Aids in penetration even when poor quality cement plugs begin rotating around with the bit by penetrating the substrate pores and fissures allowing bit success at the most critical time.
  • Colloidal wetting agents encapsulate the drilled particles into finely divided solids that remain dispersed due to their small size and electrical charge.
  • Allows for fast removal of solids which keeps the bit clean and speeds up the drilling process.

cement plug drilling

Most applications of ForcePenadrill occur when drill out problems are encountered. ForcePenadrill should be added when cement drill out operations has started. The optimum amount  of ForcePenadrill in most applications will require mixing 0.5  (two quarts) to 1.5 gallons (six quarts) per 5 barrels of system  fluid present. The product can be added via a pill or sweeping fashion depending on needs and conditions.

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