ForceGlide Pipe Friction Reducer

Designed specifically to reduce frictional resistance (drag) encountered with coiled tubing, drill out, and completion operations in horizontal wellbores.

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Outperforms every competitive chemistry tested to date. Thermally stable downhole (>400°F).

ForceGlide is a highly complex, water dispersible, lubricant designed specifically to reduce frictional resistance (drag) encountered with coiled tubing, drill out, and completion operations in horizontal wellbores. The extreme pressure lubrication qualities of ForceGlide coupled with the capillary repulsion forces of its complex nature enables heavy filming on metal surfaces that contact other metal and dense surfaces thereby giving the product its nickname – “Pipe-on-Pipe”. Friction is measured as the coefficient of friction (μ). The coefficient of friction (μ) between two solids is defined as F/W, where F denotes the frictional force and W is the load or force. When ForceGlide was tested for lubrication coefficient results based on the surface to surface drag apparatus at the equivalent forces of 5,000 psi it outperformed every competitive compound applied. The same results are field-proven daily to underscore the practice of repulsion tribology applied in its development.

Helps Prevent Differential Sticking
ForceGlide lubricant is a drilling mud/fluid additive. It is recommended when torque, drag, and the possibilities for differential sticking are present. This is a PIPE-ON-PIPE version of our industry leading ForceFree drilling lubricant. The viscosity of ForceGlide is tailored to assist in metal to metal friction situations and can also be used as a spotting fluid for stuck pipe applications. It is a proprietary blend of non-polluting surfactants and is non-flammable in addition to being biodegradable.

Lubricant Advantages:

  • Outstanding, highly effective lubricant for horizontal well bores.
  • Rapidly disperses into the mud system for penetration to the point of frictional resistance.
  • Outperforms every competitive chemistry tested to date.
  • Compatible with other chemistries present.
  • Environmentally safe; USDOT Non-regulated.
  • Thermally stable downhole (>400°F).
  • Is A Great All Purpose Pipe-on-Pipe Friction Reducer
  • It reduces friction between all of the components down-hole
  • Torque and Drag are common with operations in directional and crooked holes. ForceGlide can reduce and minimize the torque and friction.
  • Helps Prevent Stuck Pipe Due To Mud Ring
  • Drill bits and drill collars are preserved and noticeably more productive when ForceGlide is present in the drilling mud.
  • Assists in the prevention of bit balling.
  • ForceGlide has been tested against many competitive products. Under these studies, it was shown to outperform comparable products by 1500psi
  • The lubricity of drilling muds is improved upon application
  • Keeps your drilling operation productive by keeping the drill bit clean and free of debris


Most applications of ForceGlide occur when frictional resistance problems are encountered to prevent helical buckling. ForceGlide should be added at the rate of 1.0 % by volume or 2 gallons to 5 barrel pills for sweeping immediate lubrication. The total system can be operated well at 0.5% by volume for a complete lubrication paradigm. Most operators have found the addition of mechanical lubrication based on minute glass beads found in our ForceBeads drilling beads gives them the ultimate form of lubrication – chemical and mechanical. Also works well with our Force K-Chlor KCl Substitute – Clay & Shale Stabilizer.


Frictional Drag Co-Efficients
Compound Coefficient Number Percent improvement vs. KCL-2%
KCL-2% Water 0.402 0%
KCL Substitute Water 0.347 13.7%
ForceGlide (1% in KCL-2%) 0.094 76.6%
ForceGlide (1% in KCL Sub.) 0.079 80.3%
For Frictional Resistance (Drag) Coefficients and more information, see our ForceGlide Product Data Specification Sheet.
ForceGlide MSDS

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