Our products are different from competitors – We listened to our customers and developed using newer technologies and are specifically tested and designed with drilling challenges in mind.

  • ForceBeads Drilling Beads – MSDS
    Outstanding biopolymeric lubricant with glass or plastic beads used for helical bending and prevention of buckling. Enhances all coiled tubing wellbore drilling applications.
  • ForceFree Drilling LubricantMSDS
    Highly complex lubricant designed specifically to speed drilling by reducing torque and lubricating at the high compressive point of the drill bit to formation contact. When added to or applied on high compressible strength cement drill outs, penetration speeds are increased by 200– 400% while avoiding bit failure. Is also thermally stable to>400°F and is a non-regulated lubricant. Ideally suited for all drilling applications as it enables faster drilling through hard rock formations.
  • ForceGel HT Xanthan Drilling Gum – MSDS
    The base technology of Force Chem Technologies ForceGel HT Xanthan gum drilling fluid is Xanthan, a natural polymer, generated by the bacteria Xanthomonas Campestris and produced commercially by a fermentation process.
  • ForceGlide Pipe Friction ReducerMSDS
    ForceGlide is a highly complex, water dispersible, lubricant designed specifically to reduce frictional resistance (drag) encountered with coiled tubing, drill out, and completion operations in horizontal wellbores. The extreme pressure lubrication qualities of ForceGlide coupled with the capillary repulsion forces of its complex nature enables heavy filming on metal surfaces that contact other metal and dense surfaces thereby giving the product its nickname – “Pipe-on-Pipe”.
  • ForcePenadrillMSDS
    The EcoSafe “Cement Buster” Drilling Lubricant by ERO CHEM will allow drilling at record speeds by keeping your drill bit clean and prevent bit balling due to cement debris and mud while still allowing it’s lubricating properties to aid in drilling.
  • ForceScav HSMSDS
    Reduce Hydrogen Sulfide exposure with ForceScav Triazine H2S scavenger.
    ERO CHEM offers a water-soluble and oil-soluble hydrogen sulfide scavenger that can be applied via continuous injection or through batch treatments. This product, on average, is three times more concentrated than the average competing treatment product solutions.
  • HEC-Force Polymer Drilling Mud AdditiveMSDS
    A non-ionic high molecular weight hydroxy ethyl cellulose (HEC) designed specifically to enhance the rheological properties of water-based and polyvalent brine fluids. Superior viscosifier and exhibits very high pseudo plasticity, thereby enhancing cuttings carrying capacity and hole cleaning capability.
    Is the ideal solution for work-over and completion fluids.
  • Xan-ForceMSDS
    A high purity xanthan gum biopolymer suspended in environmentally friendly synthetic oil. Xan-Force – L is used in a variety of oilfield applications including rheology modification, friction reduction, and coiled tubing operations. Xan-Force is an alternative to ForceGel.


We also provide a line of cleaners, completion materials, midstream supplies, and production chemicals.

For more info on our workover fluids or with any questions please contact us for a consultation or product quote. We will work with your engineer to provide you with an appropriate solution.