ForceFoam 935 Foamer

ForceFoam 935 Premium Foaming Agent developed for use in high temperature capillary, foam drilling, batch treatment and coil tubing operations.

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ForceFoam 935 Premium Foaming Agent for Foam Drilling

ForceFoam 935 is a premium, concentrated, foamer additive developed for use in high temperature capillary, foam drilling, batch treatment and coil tubing operations for the clean-out, de-watering and de-salting of wells. ForceFoam 935 produces excellent foam properties in a wide variety of waters (including high brine content and high calcium hardness waters) and is highly tolerant of condensate contamination.

ForceFoam 935 is a composed of non-ionic, anionic, and amphoteric surfactants, foam stabilizers, and hydrophilic agents designed to produce a highly rigid foam column with excellent water and solids carrying capacities. The product finds outstanding use in the removal of water accumulation in gas wells that reduces or shuts-in production with hydrostatic back pressure on the formation. By eliminating standing or slugging fluids in the well bore, ForceFoam 935 restores and increases natural gas and condensate production volumes. Continuous use will decrease corrosion rates due to the reduction of corrosive water present in the tubulars. ForceFoam 935 is a non-gunking chemistry that is thermally stable from -10 degrees F to 400 degrees F.

Foamer Advantages:

  • Excellent foam stability and performance even in the presence of saturated brines, oil, and condensing fluids.
  • Non-gunking chemistry with extreme temperature resilience is ideal for coiled tubing applications involving gelled fluid residuals and solids.
  • Compatible with other chemistries present.
  • Surpasses competitive chemistries in both lab and field tests; used at major oil company leases after exceeding their careful selection criteria.
  • Ease of blending from the concentrate coupled with freight savings due to its concentration

Low use rate foamer for drilling and completion work – designed for iron and calcium control and stability coupled with a long foam half-life with water retention that rivals no other compound.

Force Foam Application

ForceFoam 935 is concentrated and works well at rates as low as 0.25% (2,500 ppm – 10.5 gals./100 barrels). Rates vary by individual well conditions and parameters; due primarily to water quality, oil intrusion, and solids levels. The product is normally applied at a rate of 5,000 ppm (0.5% – 21 gals./100 barrels) and 10,000 ppm (1.0% – 42 gals. per 100 barrels) depending on the level of oil, condensate, and solids present.